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My Dog’s Spa Treat

Most dogs don’t care for a bath, so what can you do to make it a more enjoyable experience for your four-legged friend? Below are some tips to spoil your dog with a doggie spa treat and turn a gruelling dog bath into a fun day instead.


Kahuna is getting ready to get pampered with the eco-friendly products from Earthbath.

How often should you bathe your dog?

You shouldn’t bathe your dog more than once a month, as it dries out your dog’s skin. I try to only give Kahuna a bath every six weeks or so. Sometimes, Kahuna will roll in mud at the dog park or seaweed on the beach and then there is no choice – he gets a bath no matter how long time it has been since his last bath. If it hasn’t been long since his last bath and he isn’t smelly, I will just rinse him and not use the dog shampoo.

My dog, Kahuna is not too crazy about getting a bath. In fact, he will actually run and hide when he sees me bring the dog shampoo and conditioner out. When he was a little puppy, we could easily put him in the bathtub. But as he grew bigger and eventually ended up weighing over 100 lbs., it became more of a challenge to lift him into the bathtub. Besides, I would always start to giggle about the whole situation and that would just make the lifting part even harder. Also, Kahuna would shake the excess water off several times, which resulted in wet fur to clean off on the walls and ssower curtain afterwards. Not a fun thing to clean up at all…

Coin-operated dog wash

Washing a 100 lbs. dog in a bathtub eventually became too much of a hassle, so we started to look for other solutions. We tried using a coin-operated dog wash in our neighbourhood, but that didn’t work out too well. Kahuna was shaking the whole time and jumped off the high table – while still attached with his short leash to the table! He was not hurt, but it was a scary experience for all of us and we decided not to go back. After that we took him to groomers, but figured that that would end up being quite expense in the long run, so we kept on looking for a solution.

Backyard dog wash

We gave a local plumber a call and he installed a hot and cold exterior faucet (Amazon link) for us in our backyard. It didn’t cost much to install and was done in an afternoon. Bathing our dog has become so much easier now as we do not have to lift him into a bathtub or drive him to a dog wash. I would highly recommend installing a hot and cold faucet in your backyard if you, like us, have a larger dog that has outgrown your bathtub.

Make the dog wash a treat

I always start and finish Kahuna’s bath with something he really enjoys. In his case he loves getting his ears rubbed, so I start off with that before I turn the water on. I am lucky that he absolutely adores getting dried with a towel, so that is the perfect end to his bath. You always want to finish off on a high note – this applies to washing your dog as well. So if your dog enjoys a gentle massage or getting brushed, make sure to incorporate this into the dog spa day.

Be organized to make the dog spa a success

I always make sure to get everything ready before I turn the water on. This way everything is within reach and you don’t have to run away in the middle of the dog grooming. In my case, I will bring out Kahuna’s favourite towel (see photo above), Earthbath shampoo and Earthbath conditioner, his FURminator brush (Amazon links) and of course his favourite treats.

Two is better than one

The best thing is to have a helper, as this will really speed up the dog wash. Usually, my husband and I will take turns holding the hose and massaging the shampoo into the fur. Also remember that the tone of your voice affects your dog, so make sure to take your time, so it is not rushed. Your dog will sense if you are stressed and just want it over with, so relax and have fun with it – heck, if it is warm outside, “miss” your dog with the water and spray a little on your partner instead (only a little, otherwise they may not want to help out again).

There your have it, my tips to make your dog’s bath a little easier, so it doesn’t feel like a chore for you and a not-so-fun experience for your furry friend. How about you, what are your best tips to make dog grooming easier? Please share in the comment section below.


6 Juicing Tips To Save Time And Money


Juicing Tips #1: Get everything ready before you start the juicer.

My husband and I have now been juicing for about a month. It all started when we watched Joe Cross’ documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on Netflix. The story about how Joe Cross was able to lose 82 lbs. and get off all his medication deeply touched us. We do not need to lose that much weight and are not sick and are definitely not nearly dead, but we are always open to ways of incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our diet.

So, after watching the documentary, we purchased Joe Cross’ book ‘Reboot with Joe’. We both really enjoyed reading Joe’s book. He writes in a very personal and entertaining way – very much the same style as in his documentary. Joe has included some great recipes in his book. So far, I have experimented with quite a few of his juice recipes and they have all been fantastic. I like to follow a recipe the first time I try it out and then the next time I make it, I will give it my own twist. I think his ‘mean green juice’ is my favourite juice from his book so far.

What I especially enjoyed about the book was reading other people’s stories and seeing all the before and after photos that people have shared. To me, there is nothing more inspiring than hearing real life stories and seeing proof of the results. Not only have people lost a lot of weight with juicing but in many cases they have also been able to reverse their medical conditions.

We have not done a full on juice cleanse yet, simply just added the healthy drinks to our diet. I think a juice detox it is a great idea to reset your system after a vacation or after Christmas where you have been eating a few more unhealthy things than normal. If you decide to go on a juice diet for a few days to either lose weight or for a reboot, make sure to consult your doctor before you get started. What we have done is replace snacks and the afternoon coffee with a juice. You’d think that adding juices to your diet just means you consume more, but I find that I eat less at meals when I have had a juice as a snack. Many mornings we have also had a juice instead of breakfast. I find that when you start the day off healthy there is a bigger chance that you will continue eating healthy throughout the day. And if I do end up eating something unhealthy at some point during the day, I don’t feel as guilty because I started my day off with a juice.


My 6 best juicing tips

So far I have really enjoyed making juices. My husband and I usually make our juices together and we already have a great system in place. Here are some tips to make the workload easier on yourself.

Wash all your fruit and vegetables as soon as you bring them home. Any nasty tips on carrots or celery stalks we trim off and put in the compost collector that we have on the counter top. We wash our fruit and vegetables in a salt and white vinegar solution, pat them dry and put them straight in the fridge. This way they are ready to go when you want to make a juice.

Plan ahead. Get out a knife and cutting board. Quickly get an idea of what you want to put in your juice keeping in mind that the best ratio for a healthy juice is 20% fruit and 80% vegetables. Before you even turn the juicer on get all the ingredients out on your cutting board. Cut any fruit or vegetable that is too large to go down the feeder into smaller pieces.

Mix the vegetables and fruit up. I find that if you put too much of the same fruit or vegetable through at a time that things sometimes clog up. This is especially the case with stringy vegetables such as chard and celery. To prevent that I just make sure to put different things through the juicer. I always try to finish off with a hard vegetable such as a carrot to clean the shoot.

Make a big batch. Let’s face it, cleaning the juicer does take a little bit of time, so you might as well put the machine to some serious work every time you use it. I like to make a double batch; enjoy half and put the other half in the fridge for later. As long as the juice is covered, it can last up to three days in the fridge without losing its healthy nutrients.

Fill up the sink with hot, soapy water. If you have a double sink, even better. Then you can rinse the juicer parts off in one sink before putting them in other sink with soapy water. You don’t want the juicer to sit in the carrot and beet juices for too long or the plastic will get stained. I usually rinse the juicer parts off and then let them soak in the sink while I enjoy the fresh juice.

Clean up spills and get rid of the pulp. One thing I do like to take care of straight away is to wipe up any juice spills on the counter top and get all the pulp into our composter in the backyard. If you don’t put it in a composter or compost bin straight away it can attract bugs, so don’t leave it on your counter top for too long. Depending on the type of counter top you have, juice can stain the surface, so make sure to wipe up any spills before you sit down and enjoy your drink.

Cleaning of the juicer

Cleaning our Slowstar juicer is pretty straightforward. It comes with a little brush that works great for cleaning the metal mesh. I also find that using a regular kitchen sponge is helpful. I use the green, rough part of the sponge on the metal and the yellow, soft part on the plastics to avoid scratching the plastic.

Cost of juicing

Juicing is not cheap… but it is your and your family’s health we are talking about here and you can’t put a prize on that. First, you need to invest in a juicer machine and then there is an additional cost of buying all the ingredients (if you haven’t juiced before you’ll be amazed at how much produce it takes to make a single glass of juice). The way I look at it is that either I spend the money now on fruit and veggies or on medication later on in life. I feel a lot better than before and don’t feel tired and foggy in the late afternoon anymore. I have lost five pounds since we started juicing and as a bonus I have also noticed that my skin looks a lot healthier. So the extra cost is

My grocery bill is somewhat higher than before, however, this is my health I am investing in, so I don’t mind spending a bit more on healthy veggies. I grow a lot of vegetables in the backyard, so I have been able to substitute a lot of the purchased produce with spinach, chard and other leafy greens from the backyard.

Shopping for produce

Another thing I have started to do is buy produce in bulk at Costco. The quality is great and you might as well buy big bags of produce because you will go through it very fast. I have also started to make a habit of looking at the discounted items at our local vegetable market. I now buy pineapples and apples at less than half price this way, so I’d highly recommend checking out the discounted produce next time you are shopping.

So there you have it… I hope you got something out of my juicing tips and tricks to how to make the most out of your juicer. Do tell about your own experience with juicing and share any tips in the comment section below.



Cool Down Your House With Blackout Curtains

thermal curtain

It is easy to lower your energy bill with blackout curtains – and at the same time add some classy colours to your home.

During the summer months the air conditioning is working on overtime and for most people their energy bills reflect that. Keeping a house cool in the summer is no easy task – not even here in Canada!

You can spend a lot of money trying to make your house more energy-efficient. We have improved the attic insulation, installed a heat pump and replaced the old windows in our house. It really has helped keep our energy bills down, but I am always looking for ways to make our house more energy efficient. Today, I will be sharing an inexpensive tip with you to make your house more comfortable in the summer just by installing blackout curtains.

Give your air conditioning a break

The thermal curtains we use work great to keep the temperatures in the house down. We have installed them on all our south facing windows and it has made a huge difference in cooling our house down. On hot summer days our air conditioning is not working nearly as hard because the blackout curtains are blocking out the sun. It has made our house a lot more comfortable in the summer and it means that I am not dreading receiving the energy bill anymore.

Energy savings year round

When I first heard about insulated curtains I only thought they would make a difference in the winter. The type of curtain that we have bought have a built-in white liner on the back. It made sense to me that this thick curtain would help keep the house warmer in the winter, but it didn’t at first occur to me that they would also help keep the house at cooler temperatures in the summer. If you draw the curtains in the morning before you leave for work, they will make block out the sun’s rays and keep your house a few degrees cooler while you are out.

Easy to install

The installation of the panels was easy. It was just a matter of putting the curtain rod through the grommets at the top. I washed the curtains before hanging them up to make sure they didn’t shrink later on. There was no shrinkage and I just hung them up wet, and let them dry on the curtain rod. I also found that hanging the curtains to dry prevented any wrinkling.

Curtains look white from the outside

The white liner on the back means that from the outside your curtains will appear white. Many condo boards only allow white curtains for the appearance of the building. These curtains are great in a situation like that as you can buy insulated panels in any colour you like and from the outside they will look white, so everybody is happy. If you love the curtains you currently have, you can simply buy double curtain rod and a separate white insulating liner ( links).

Keep your pet happy

Thermal curtains are a great solution if you have pets that are alone in the house during the day. Our air conditioning hardly kicks in because we block out the sun on the south side of our house. Our dog is comfortable in the house while we are out. He can easily push the curtain by the French doors aside, so he can look out and see what’s going on on our street. When he steps back the curtain falls back into place.

Protects your hardwood floors

Installing blackout curtains on south facing windows will also help protect your hardwood flooring. In our old house the flooring right by the south facing window was a lot lighter compared to the rest of the house. The sun had simply bleached the flooring and it was especially noticeable if you started moving furniture or area rugs around. There would be big light squares on the floor from where the rug or furniture had been. Over time the sun will lighten the colour of your hardwood floors, so blocking out the sun with insulated window treatments will help prevent that. We do not have any light spots on our bamboo flooring and that is because of the panels we have that block out the UV.

Blackout curtains for your bedroom

Our bedroom faces south, so it gets pretty warm in the daytime. We picked dark window treatments for our bedroom, so they would help keep the room dark in the morning. My husband has shift work and sometimes he needs to sleep in the middle of the day to be well-rested for an evening shift. Blackout curtains in a dark colour really do the trick. He is able to sleep in the afternoon and enjoys that the bedroom is cool and dark. A tiny bit of light does come through at the very top of the curtain, but I think that is what to be expected.

We shopped around for a while and finally ended up buying our blackout curtains at I found that they had the best selection of colours and the best price online. You can click the link below to check out the thermal curtains on Amazon.

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Joe Cross Reboot With Juicing

fat-sick-and-nearly-deadMy husband and I have been watching a lot of movies since we got Netflix a couple of weeks ago. We have been taking turns picking a movie to watch and a few nights ago I came across a documentary about a man that changed his lifestyle by switching the cheese burgers out with healthy juices. The title most definitely caught my attention, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and we decided to watch it.

The documentary is about an overweight Australian man in his early 40s that needs to take a fistful of medication to function every day. He has always led a very stressful and career driven lifestyle and his diet has never been a priority to him. In fact, in the beginning of the documentary he does not exercise at all and eat junk food every day.

>>Watch “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” for Free Online Here<<

Joe suffers from a debilitating autoimmune disease and is very concerned about his future if he doesn’t change his ways. He decides to try something new and travels across the United States. He stays away from restaurants and only drinks fruit and vegetable juices that he makes on his own juicer. He decided to go on a juice diet for 60 days to help his body heal itself. He had seen many doctors and tried many treatments and decided to give his body a chance to heal itself by giving it a break from all the unhealthy food he had been eating. His goal was to stop taking all the pills every day and lose some of all the extra pounds he is carrying around.

It is incredible to watch Joe Cross change in this movie. Not only does he lose a significant amount of weight (82 lbs!), but he also inspires other people to eat healthier too by giving juicing a try. The most touching story  to me was when he met a truck driver in Arizona with the same rare disease as himself. Phil is morbidly obese at 429 lbs and is at his wits end. Joe Cross helps him get started with juicing and Phil immediately starts to drop some weight. Phil changes throughout the documentary from being a sad, quiet man in a lot of pain to a positive and energetic man that plays ball with his son – something he was unable to do before. Just like with Joe, Phil also starts to inspire other people to try juicing. I love how he pays it forward and teaches other people how he changes his lifestyle and how they can do it too.

My husband and I found the documentary very inspiring. We talked about it a lot and drove our close friends crazy by going over every little detail of the movie. People seem to think you are a bit nuts when you mention that you are considering starting with juicing. “Can’t you just eat a lot of veggies?” But the thing is that there is no way you can consume a cucumber, three celery stalks, two apples, a lemon, a piece of ginger and a massive handful of kale in one sitting (that’s Joe’s Mean Green juice, by the way). With a juicer you can extract all the phytochemicals out of the veggies and enjoy a glass of liquid nutrients.

The day after we watched the documentary we bought Joe Cross’ book “Reboot With Joe” ( link). We were both inspired to boost our micronutrient intake and figured Joe’s book would be a great way to get started with juicing. I am a few chapters in and I am enjoying Joe’s entertaining writing style and can’t wait to try some of the recipes he has included in his book.

Joe recommends the Breville juicers in his book. This is also the juicer that he used in the documentary. Judging from the reviews the Breville juicers are great, we just didn’t care for that the manufacturer only offered a one year warranty.

We have read a ton of online reviews on juicers and have decided to opt for a slow juicer with a 10 year warranty. The juicer we ordered is the SlowStar 2000 juicer. The main reasons why we picked it is because it is a quiet model, great for juicing hard vegetables such as carrots and beets and of course we liked the 10 year warranty. Oh yes, and it is red and will look really pretty on our kitchen counter top. Once we have received and used it for a while, I will write a proper Slowstar 2000 juicer review.

Retire Your Clothes Dryer And Go Green

Join the summer movement: Retire your clothes dryer

Did you know that your clothes dryer most likely is the third-most energy hungry appliance in your household – the top spots go to your fridge and washing machine. You can greatly reduce your energy consumption if you give your clothes dryer a break over the summer. And who knows, when you realize how mucj you will be saving on your utility bill, you may continue to air dry your clothes in the winter as well. Introducing project: Retire your clothes dryer.

Is a clothes dryer a necessity?

A clothes dryer has shifted from being a luxury item to a necessity in many people’s minds. It makes you wonder how our poor grandparents survived without one when they were growing up… The dryer is definitely a time-saver, but like with so many other shortcuts and hacks in our lives, is this another area where we are willing to compromise the quality, so we can save a few valuable minutes on daily tasks to instead spend them in front of the TV?

Preserve your favourite clothes by air drying them

Your clothes will last a lot longer by air drying. No doubt about it. The intense heat and tumbling from a clothes dryer takes its toll on clothes. All that lint you pull out of the dryer’s lint trap comes from the clothes slowly breaking down and the material getting thinner. If you want your favourite clothes to last longer, then you should give air drying a try this summer.

Fresh-smelling clothes

If you can then place your clothesline next to a nice smelling flowers in your backyard. Jasmin and lavender are great and their scents will transfer on to your clothes and they will smell incredible. Sunshine also has the added benefit of helping to disinfect clothes and to gently bleach whites. My favourite part is that the clothes have that fresh “sunny” smell to them when I bring them inside. I use Eco Nuts for washing the clothes, so when it comes out of the dryer it doesn’t have much of a smell to them other than fresh.

Create a Zen-moment in your backyard

Clothes rack for indoor use

This is the style of portable clothes horse that I have set up next to my washing machine.

I also view hanging my clothes up in the clothesline as a form of exercise. In order to accommodate my bedding, the clothes line in my backyard is set pretty high. The stretch I do to hang clothes very much resembles the other ‘picking-apples-from-a-tall-tree’-exercise that is so popular. Besides the stretching you get, it also feels great to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. Heck, bring a cup of java and sit and enjoy the wind in your flowery pyjamas when you are done. Then pat yourself on the back for being environmentally friendly.

How long does it take for clothes to air dry?

It does take longer for clothes to air dry compared to in a clothes dryer. Probably less than an hour compared to minimum nine hours for air drying it. This depends on how hot a climate you live in. An Australian colleague once told me that when she was done hanging up her clothes on the clothesline, she could go back to where she started and pull it down again – that’s how fast it would dry in the heat! Where I live on the west coast of Canada it doesn’t quite get that hot, so I have to leave it for at least sic hours in the summer time.

My clothes drying routine

I like to do my laundry in the morning and then hang it up on my clothes line straight away. Then I go about my day and fold the dry clothes in the late afternoon. I am not a slave to when the clothes dryer starts beeping at me, ie yelling at me to go fold the clothes and if I don’t I will be pulling wrinkles clothes out of the dryer in a few hours’ time.

Indoor clothes rack

Even in tight spaces, you can still air dry your clothes.

No outdoor space? No problem!

The winter months are very wet where we live, so call me crazy… I opt for hanging the clothes indoors when it is pouring down outside. I have a clothes drying rack set up right next to the washing machine, so I don’t have to carry the wet clothes anywhere. When we used to live in an apartment we didn’t have an outdoor space where I could hang the clothes to dry. Here is how I did back then: I had the indoor clothes rack set up in the middle of the floor in our bedroom and then I switched the ceiling fan on. Then I would open a couple of windows and the clothes would be dry in a matter of hours. Who needs a fancy humidifier when you can boost the humidity level with your own low-tech solution?

Ready to give your clothes dryer a break this summer? You will save on your energy bill, reduce your carbon footprint and in the long run also save on clothes as it will not wear out as fast if you air dry them.

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Toms Shoes – The Most Comfortable Shoes For Any Occasion

Toms Vegan Earthwise Shoe

Toms Vegan Earthwise Shoe: The upper part of this TOMS shoe is made of a unique twill featuring hemp and recycled plastic bottles.

I first heard about TOMS shoes when I saw my friend wear them a couple of summers ago. She was wearing a pair of bright red canvas shoes with her navy capris and they looked really amazing together. I just had to ask her what kind of shoes she was wearing. Excitedly, my friend told me about her TOMS shoes for what felt like the next 30 minutes. She told me that with her purchase of these shoes, she had not only given a pair of shoes to a child in a poor country, she had also found the most comfortable shoes that she could wear with everything.

One for one – TOMS for you, TOMS for a child in need

The concept is pretty simple: With every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in a poor part of the world. TOMS partner with health and humanitarian organizations around the world and have given shoes to children in countries such as Cambodia, Haiti, South Africa and even kids in poor neighborhoods in the USA. Ten Tree is another example of a company that donate something for every item sold. In Ten Tree’s case they plant ten trees for every piece of clothing sold.

TOMS has been around since 2006 and has grown tremendously each year and this way been able to give even more kids around the world more shoes. The company also do their best to give shoes to the same kids as their feet grow. They constantly come out with new designs and products and it is all around the mentality of giving back and helping someone in need.

No shoes – no education

In many poor parts of the world children are not allowed in the classroom without any shoes on. I have heard examples of siblings sharing a pair of shoes and then taking turns attending school. It is so sad that the lack of a pair of shoes prevents a child from getting an education, but TOMS is making a huge difference and you can be a part of this One for One movement.

TOMS Slip-On Canvas shoe

This is one of TOMS most popular design – the canvas shoe with an elastic v at the top and slips on very easily.

You know how I told you about my friend that went on and on about this great company that had manufactured her shoes? Well, I must admit I am like that now. I will tell any stranger that compliment my shoes about TOMS because I think what they are doing is so fantastic. And you know what? I’d bet you will be like that too!

Great for any outfit, any occasion

I absolutely love my two pairs of TOMS. I wear them everywhere; grocery shopping, coffee out with a friend or even going out for dinner. If you pick a bright colour, it can really make your whole outfit pop. The shoes are very comfortable and I have no problem wearing them an entire day in the summer heat.

The canvas material will stretch

One thing I will point out is that the canvas top of the shoe does stretch out, so don’t be alarmed if they fell tight when you first put them on. What I did with my two pairs was to wear them around the house for a few hours before I wore them outside. The overall quality of the shoe is great. On the first pair of TOMS shoes I bought there were a couple of loose threads that I had to trim off. No big deal. I didn’t see any loose thread on my second pair of TOMS shoes that I bought in April, so maybe they have improved their quality control.

TOMS Canvas Slip-on Shoe

The classic canvas slip-on shoe from TOMS can be worn with anything and for any occasion.

Want to be part of the One For One movement and donate a pair of shoes to a child in a poor part of the world? Click any image on this page to go to to shop for your new pair of TOMS shoes.

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My best tips for growing basil

I have just moved my little basil plants outside and figured I would share my best tips for growing basil. Fresh basil is by far my favourite herb. I use it in salads, pasta sauces, pizza and of course pesto. Basil goes great with feta and mozzarella and a few basil leaves look very decorative on top of any dish.

You can’t even compare fresh basil to dried basil. Fresh basil is so fragrant and can spicy up any old dull pasta dish. It is as if they are two completely different herbs. I opt for the dried stuff during the winter months, but in the summer I only use fresh basil as it tastes so much better.

When to grow basil?

Basil is not very resilient to cold temperatures, so wait until it gets a bit milder overnight until you move your plants outside. I would recommend you wait until the temperature at night is at least 50°F or 10°C. I have lost some basil plants in the past because I brought them outside in early May and it was just too cold for them.

Growing basil indoors

If you do not have an outdoor space or just prefer to grow your basil indoors then have a closer look at a hydroponic indoor garden system. The ideal part of growing your herbs indoors is that you will likely use them a lot more as you do not have to go outside to pick them. Basil loves sun, so make sure to put grow it in a south-facing window with no drafts.

Basil Marker

It is a good idea to add a sign next to your basil, so everyone in your family can identify it.

Seeds or starter plants?

You can either start from seed or buy starter plants. I have done it both ways in the past and prefer the seeds as it is much cheaper that way.  I use Hydrofarm T5 grow lights to get my seedlings started in my basement and find that the warmth from the grow lights boosts the germination tremendously. I find that the basil germinates twice as fast with the grow lights – the plants probably think they are in a tropical climate and not the westcoast of Canada! Once the seedlings have grown to a couple of inches, I transfer them to a bigger pot and move the plants outside.

Pick well-drained soil

Make sure to use a soil that drains well and the same goes for the pot you use. I like to cover the bottom of the container with either gravel or pebbles to make sure the drainage holes are not covered and any excess water can run out. For the soil I like to mix a potting soil with my own compost from my backyard composter.

Sun, sun and more sun

Pick a spot for your basil where it can get at least six hours of sunlight. Just like tomatoes (and me!) basil likes lots of sun, so if you are already growing tomatoes then just put your basil right next to your tomato plants. A few days after I have moved the basil plants outside I will have a closer look and remove the weaker seedlings to allow the stronger plants to have more room. Basil can grow up to a height of 12 to 18 inches (30 – 45cm), so allow a distance between each plant of 9 and 12 inches (22 and 30 cm).

Watering your basil

I usually water my basil every other day during the summer. It is hard to over water basil as long as the soil and container you have used allow the water to drain out of the pot.

Pick some flowers

Once white or purple flowers start to appear, make sure to pick them off. Once a plant starts to bloom it will channel all its energy into producing flowers, but you don’t want basil flowers, you want the leaves, so pinch the flowers as soon as they start to show. If you would like to produce your own basil seeds for next season, just leave a few flowers. They will turn into little seed pods full of black basil seeds that you can save for the spring.

Harvesting basil

When it comes time to harvest your basil then pick leaves from different plants as opposed to cutting one plant down. You pick some leaves and the plant will grow more within a few days.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on growing basil and that you will have a great gardening season this year.