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10 Trees are planted for every item purchased from TenTree

Ten Tree was founded just a year ago by five entrepreneurs in their 20s that all love nature and wanted to give back to the environment. For every single article of clothes that Ten Tree Apparel sells, ten trees will be planted somewhere in the world.

The Canadian-based company has partnered with WeForest which is an international non-profit organization. Together they hire reforestation experts in developing countries where they are planting a variety of trees. They ensure that the type of tree planted is native to the environment and try in many cases to plant fruit trees, so it becomes a source of food as well.

It is an impressive story about how these ambitious, young guys put their education on hold and left promising jobs to start this eco friendly apparel company. They all enjoy outdoor activities and it is the love of nature and wanting to save it that made them decide to just go for it.

They caught a break by striking a deal on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank) and the airtime plus the investors on the show have given them the boost they needed. At the time of writing this, Ten Tree has planted 134,240 trees worldwide. Not bad for a clothing company that started up in a not so great economy with a relatively high production cost (they use a manufacturer out of Portland, Oregon instead of moving production overseas where the cost would be lower).

Check out the clothes from Ten Tree by visiting their site www.TenTree.org.

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