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Welcome to Green Life Tips! My name is Anne and I am the moderator of Green Life Tips. This site is all about trying to be a bit kinder to Mother Earth.

I grow a bunch of fruit and vegetables and share lots of tips, so you can get growing, too. It doesn’t take much effort and the rewards are huge. Just start small and expand a bit each year. I started with containers with herbs on a patio and now my vegetable garden is close to 50×50 feet.

I also give an overview of the best environmentally friendly products and telling you the pros and cons of them as well as where to get the lowest price. I use them all myself after lots of research before buying them, so might as well share my findings here.

I cover many different topics of areas in your home where you can help the environment. Some things are small that hardly take any effort to install or use and others take a bit more effort on your part. But hey, when it comes to caring for our environment, if we all do our part it will make a difference in the long run.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about what you read on this site, please don’t be shy – participate in the discussion by leaving a comment.

If you have any suggestions to what you like me to dig deeper into, just send me an email to admin @

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  1. samdra
    i am restarting my aero garden after being off for about 3 months. i cannot get the add water light to go off, although the water is to the level it requirs, what do i need to do
  2. Anne
    Hi Samdra, It sounds like this is a common issue with some AeroGarden models. I found this article with some troubleshooting tips. I hope it helps. All the best, Anne

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