Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners

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Best stocking stuffers for gardeners 2017.

Looking for a stocking stuffer for a gardener? Here are some great gift ideas that any gardener will love.


Fun Coffee Mug with a Trowel for a Handle


Gardening mug

Any gardener will love this mug saying “A little dirt never hurt.” Click image to check it out on Amazon.

The gardener can get a quick pick-me-up before heading out into the garden by filling up one of these fun garden mug. The handle is shaped like a trowel and is sure to put a smile on the gardener’s face when sipping from this mug. Any gardener will love getting this coffee mug as a present!

Click here to learn more about the mug on Amazon.


Sloggers Women’s Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard – UPF 50+ Sun Protection

Women's summer hat

This cute summer hat offers great sun protection (50+ UPF). Click image to check it out on Amazon.

This adorable wide brimmed hat is very popular among female gardeners because of its stylish look. With its 50+ UPF sun protection it blocks out the hot rays, so the gardener can play in the dirt for hours on end without worrying about a sunburn. Comes in various colours.

Click here to learn more about the hat on Amazon.


Back to the Roots Mushroom Farm, Mushroom Growing Kit, Grow Your Own Organic Mushrooms

Grow mushrooms indoors – just add water. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

Grow gourmet, organic oyster mushrooms right out of the box in just 10 days! Just add water to this mushroom growing kit – no separate mushroom spores or mushroom seeds needed!

Click here to learn more about the mushroom kit on Amazon.

Garden Gloves with Fingertips Claws


Garden gloves with claws

These garden gloves are great for digging, clawing and seeding. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

No matter how you can rake up leaves, dig out weeds and dig holes for planting, with just your hands! Great for digging, weeding, seeding and poking.

Click here to learn more about the garden gloves on Amazon.


Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoes


Garden shoes

These cool waterproof garden shoes are easy to slip on and off. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

Slip-on rain and garden shoe with all-day comfort insole and deep-lug tread for greater traction. The fun pattern puts a smile on the face on the gardener every time they slip them on.

Click here to learn more about the Sloggers garden clogs on Amazon.


Hori Hori Garden Knife

This is by far my favorite garden tool. The Hori Hori knife is the one tool the gardener needs that can do anything in the garden – weed, dig, prune, transplant, measure, cut, harvest. I can’t recommend this knife enough.

Hori Hori knife

I love my Hori Hori knife. I use it for planting, weeding and cutting. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

Click here to learn more about the Hori Hori knife on Amazon.


Crabtree & Evelyn 60-Second Fix for Hands, Gardeners

Gardeners hand cream

This rejuvenating hand cream will make any gardener’s rough hands nice and soft. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

This hand cream gives the gardener a rejuvenating home spa experience. It’s lasting moisture relief in almost no time at all. Intensive macadamia nut oil and shea butter formula to soothe and restore softness. Quick, visible results.

Click here to learn more about the gardeners hand cream on Amazon.


5 Exotic Vegetables Growing Kit


Seed kith with unusual vegetables

This is a great gift for the adventurous vegetable gardener – a seed kit with five unusual vegetables. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

This seed kit offers an exciting selection of distinctive & funky edible vegetables: purple carrots, black corns, rainbow swiss chards, yellow cucumbers & romanesco broccoli. Colorful and fun, a favourite gift with any gardener.

Click here to learn more about the seed kit on Amazon.


Fun ladies T-shirt

Fun ladies gardening t-shirt

The t-shirt reads “You’re never too old to play in the dirt.” Click image to learn more on Amazon.

The best gardening gift is a funny gardening gift. This t-shirt is a fantastic gift for a gardener to show off their hobby.

Click here to learn more about the t -shirt on Amazon.


Gardening Journal

Gardening journal

A gardening journal will help the gardener keep track of successes and failures from year to year. Click here to learn more about it on Amazon.

This gardening journal is a helpful tool for the gardener to keep track of what worked and what didn’t work from year to year. Taking notes every year will create better and better garden results each year.

Click here to learn more about the gardening journal on Amazon.


Mason Bee House

Mason bee hotel

This mason bee hotel attracts a lot of pollinators to the garden. Click image to learn more.

Help the gardener attract pollinators to their fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. This bee hotel provides a happy home for peaceful, non-stinging mason bees.

Click here to learn more about the bee house on Amazon.


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Gift Ideas for Gardeners

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Best Gardening Gifts 2017

Looking for a great gift idea for a gardener? Look no further. Here are some of the most popular gardening gifts of 2017. (Santa, could I get the sixth one on the list, please?).

AeroGarden Ultra LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

AeroGarden Ultra LED

Grow greens indoor year round with the AeroGarden Ultra LED. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

Grow salad greens and herbs in the middle of winter with this cool hydroponic gadget. Kits comes with everything needed to start growing some indoor greens. Plants grow in water… not soil, keeping it neat and tidy. The interactive LCD screen control panel lets you know when to add water, reminds you when to add patented nutrients (included), automatically turns lights on and off and provides timely tips and on-screen help functions.
Comes with seven separate seed kits: Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Thyme, Mint, Curly Parsley, Chives and Dill + 3 oz. enough nutrients for a full season of growth.

Click here to learn more about the AeroGarden on Amazon.



WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

If you are familiar with the Roomba Vacuum then you’ll know what the Landroid robotic lawn mower is all about. It’s an automated lawn mower that quietly mows the lawn, giving the gardener more time to enjoy the garden tasks he enjoys the most. So far it does not have a built in feature to bring the gardener a cold one, but give it time.

Click here to learn more about the robotic lawn mower on Amazon.


Yimby Tumbler Composter

Yimby composter

The Yimby tumbler composter turns kitchen scraps and yard waste into compost in just a few weeks time. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

The Yimby composter saves the back of the gardener. Instead of turning the compost in a big pile with a pitchfork, a few spins with the tumbler every few days is all that is needed. The composter is up on a stand making it impossible for pesky rodents to get near the compost materials.

Click here to learn more about the composter on Amazon.


Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Kit, 4 by 4 Feet, Pack of 3

Raised garden bed

These three raised garden beds save the gardener’s back. They can be stacked or used individually. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

The 4′ x 4′ raised garden beds from Lifetime gives the gardener the perfect garden setup in in less than one hour. It looks exactly like wood, but is actually made of uv-protected high-density polyethyene (HDPE). It is low maintenance, weather resistant, and will not rot, crack, or peel. The walls are 9 inches high, but two beds can be stacked together to create 18 inch walls to accommodate deep rooted plants. With its easy do-it-yourself assembly and low maintenance features, gardening has never been this easy.

Click here to learn more about the raised garden beds on Amazon.


Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 6-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller

Orbit sprinkler system

The Orbit sprinkler system gets live weather feeds and only waters the gardener’s lawn or garden when it is needed. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

The Orbit sprinkler timer connects with the gardener’s wifi and gets its input from him and from the weather report. Connect via Android, iOS device, computer or Amazon’s Alexa – or simply program the system to water at specific times. If rain is in the forecast, the sprinkler system will not kick in, saving the gardener money on his water bill.

Click here to learn more about the sprinkler system on Amazon.


Pergola arbor in high quality PVC Vinyl

Pergola arbor

This maintenance-free arbor looks amazing in a garden. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

This pergola arbor is a show stopper in any garden. Gift this arbor to a gardener and you will see it as a backdrop in my family photos for years to come. This white arbor is made in the USA. It is made of high quality PVC vinyl, so it is maintenance-free.

Click here to learn more about the arbor on Amazon.


WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires


This wheelbarrow easily converts to a dolly, so it can be used to move soil in the garden and big boxes in the garage. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

This versatile and durable wheelbarrow makes it easy for the gardener to move heavy items. It converts tool-free to work as an extended dolly, flower pot mover, trailer mover, bag holder and cylinder carrier. The flat free tires never need inflating.

Click here to learn more about the wheelbarrow on Amazon.


Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse

This greenhouse is perfect for the gardener that would like to get his seedlings started early in the season. Crystal clear virtually unbreakable polycarbonate roof and walls panels allows the sun to warm up the greenhouse in early spring. Includes adjustable roof vent, rain gutters, lockable door handle and galvanized steel base. Comes in various sizes.

Click here to learn more about the greenhouse on Amazon.


Potting bench in solid wood

Potting bench

This potting bench will look stunning in any garden. Click image to learn more on Amazon.

This potting bench is the perfect gift for the gardener that does a lot of potting in the spring. The gardener will be able to stay organized with lots of room for his tools on the shelves and in the drawer. Nice potting bench for the money.

Click here to learn more about the potting bench on Amazon.

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No Fuss Vegetable Gardening

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Are you sick of paying high prices for organic fruit and vegetables? Would you like to grow your own organic produce, but now sure where to start? I’d bet you will love this no fuss way to start your own vegetable garden as much I do.


Growing your own tasty vegetables can be very easy. Sometimes we tend to over complicate things with seven different types of fertilizer, contemplating for two months what type of mulch to buy, if any, and how often to water. Unfortunately, many people can’t even bother with a veggie or container garden because they figure it is just too much work and they are overwhelmed with all the different options when it comes to soil etc.

A no fuss approach to grow organic produce

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to just “set it and forget it”? A no fuss technique?  Well, there is! It is commonly known as the lasagna gardening method.

Lasagna gardening

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Mow the area and remove large weeds
  2. Lay down cardboard and/or newspapers
  3. Water the area
  4. Layer organic materials
  5. Water the area
  6. Add good quality garden soil

This is the lasagna garden technique in a nutshell: You spend an afternoon in year one setting your plot up. You start off mowing the lawn and removing any big weeds. Then you put down a layer of cardboard or newspapers to suppress the grass and weeds. Give it a good water so it doesn’t fly away (yes, I speak from experience haha). Then you layer any organic materials you can get your hands on such as grass clippings, leaves, straw, compost, kitchen waste and coffee grounds. Then you water everything and finish off with a thick layer of good quality garden soil. And then the hard work is done! The maintenance of the garden throughout the year is minimal. It is estimated that you can do it in eight hours a year. I don’t count the hours I spend maintaining my vegetable garden because to me it is a hobby and something I thoroughly enjoy doing.

No digging

The best part is that with the lasagna gardening method all you have to do come spring is to add compost. No digging. No turning the soil. No driving to five garden centres for three types of fertilizers that isn’t available but is on order. Once you have set it up in the spring you just take a step back and let Mother Nature take over.

You don’t need a lot of space

You don’t need a big backyard to get started with your own veggie garden. In fact, you just need a minimum of an 8×8 plot. This small space can produce lots of delicious produce that will save you a ton of money on your grocery bill.

You can use this method in any country in the world

The method is not specific for just one type of climate. You can use this method no matter where you live (OK, now I will probably get stern emails from some base camp in the North Pole saying this technique doesn’t work for them – sorry). There are satisfied gardeners in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, South Africa and many other places, all using the same simple technique.

An unconventional setup

When my neighbour looks over the fence at my unconventional vegetable garden, she is always amazed how packed it is with veggies. It looks like a jungle! I can tell that she is torn because this is definitely not a normal way of growing vegetables. No soil is showing between the rows and it may look a bit overgrown for a non-gardener. The vegetables dominate the garden space, so weeds are virtually nonexistent – and the few that pop up I just pull up and leave on the soil to turn to compost. Using this method was like driving in the wrong side of the road at first but after having seen the results I will never go back to the way I used to grow vegetables.

The abundance of greens is incredible and I have to keep cutting back, so chard and spinach leaves don’t overflow onto the lawn and get mulched by the lawnmower. I have invited neighbours over to pick whatever they want for their salads. I refer to my vegetable garden as the “salad bar” because it is just one big mix of greens.

Less watering

One of the the drawbacks with regular vegetable gardens that are grown in spaced out rows, is that a lot of soil is exposed. Exposed soil will dry out fast in the summer sun. The goal in a lasagna garden is not to see any soil at all. You want the leaves of the vegetables to cover the ground, to prevent the soil to turn into sand or big deep drought cracks. This means that you have to water a lasagna garden a lot less that a regular veggie garden. Once the seedlings have been established, I usually just water the plants once a week during the summer.


It does take a bit of effort to get your lasagna garden set up the first year. You will need to gather a lot of cardboard (or newspaper) and organic material to get started. My advice is to take some time visiting different local shops and ask for their non-glossy (only brown) cardboard boxes. Remove the staples and tape and then set them aside at home. Same for organic material. Ask your neighbours – or your friends on Facebook – if you can have all their grass clippings and offer to rake up their leaves in the fall. Set all these materials aside over a month or two and you will be ready to set up your lasagna garden.

For the experienced gardener it can be a challenge to switch to this type of gardening. Letting Mother Nature do her thing and not intervene too much can be hard for many people that enjoy gardening. Not turning the soil…. if this makes your skin crawl, this way of gardening may not be for you. I was doubtful at first, but since this technique actually means less work for more output, I decided to give it a shot.

For the novice gardener it can be a challenge to identify vegetables in their plot with this method. This method emulates nature and the vegetables are growing wherever the seeds drop (the first year you will plant the heirloom seedlings and from then on they will reseed on their own). I suggest to people that are new to vegetable gardening that they make a list of the vegetables they plant in the spring. This way they can do an image search on Google if there is a type of vegetable they are not 100% what is.

So, in conclusion, lasagna gardening may not be for you if:

You are the Martha Stewart of gardening and have a perfect vegetable garden that you don’t want to risk messing with.


You can’t tell the difference between a thistle and a carrot – but I’m sure there’s an app for that 😉

Lasagna gardening may be for you if:

  • You want to serve healthy organic food to your family
  • Are sick about how the price of organic produce keeps increasing
  • You want to depend less on commercial agriculture
  • You are concerned about how produce is grown and question the quality of the vegetables available at the grocery store

Pat Lanza’s book on lasagna gardening is a great way to learn how to set up a no fuss garden. Click image to have a closer look on Amazon.

Patricia  Lanza describes every detail of this no fuss technique in her book Lasagna Gardening: A New Layering System for Bountiful Gardens: No Digging, No Tilling, No Weeding, No Kidding! (Amazon link). Pat explains the method in such a way that anyone can easily start growing their own top quality food.

So, dare to be different! Take control of the quality of food you and your family eat.

Deerproofing Your Yard & Garden

This is a fanastic book on deerproofing your garden. Click image to order yours on

Having just moved to a rural property, I know I am in for a battle when it comes to keeping deer out of my vegetables garden. I mean, to deer a veggie garden is an all-you-can-eat salad bar, right?

It is still new for me to see so many deer around and in my mind these Bambis are still adorable. If you ask me in six months time after losing part of my veggie crop to them, I may not think they are so adorable anymore.

After reading Rhonda Massingham Hart’s book Deerproofing Your Yard & Garden, I picked up a bunch of tips and am ready for a war against any deer that wants to munch on my peas.

Here are some of the main points that I learned from the book:

  • You can landscape your garden with certain plants that deter deer. A long list of plants are included in the book. Deer will smell these plants and think ‘Yuk, why even bother going into that yard, with those bad-smelling plants. I will try the neighbouring yard instead.’
  • If deer have had a taste of your vegetable garden, they will keep coming back. Best thing is to prevent them from coming in in the first place.
  • Deer are very smart and will soon figure out your tricks. Motion sensor lights, bars of soap hanging in trees will deter deer but only for a short period. They will soon figure out that there is no danger and will start munching on your strawberries – that is, unless you have come up with something new to scare them with.
  • Deer will only jump over a fence if they can figure out how tall it is and if it is safe to land on the other side. The book includes some tips to trick the deer, so they do not dare attempt to jump.

I have never had to deal with deer before in my small residential garden, so I learned a lot form this book. Rhonda Massingham Hart goes into great detail about deer behaviour, which was very interesting. It was an enjoyable read and at times really funny. I don’t think I will ever need to buy another book on deerproofing as this one covers everything. Here are some great tricks that I learned:


The ScareCrow Motion Activated Sprinkler is highly recommended in the book to scare deer away,

1. Install a ScareCrow Motion Activated Sprinkler. This deer-repellent can be set only to be active after sunset, so you don’t accidentally get sprayed with water while gardening. ScarecCrow detects deer in a 1000-square-foot area and will shoot out 2-3 cups of water. The ScareCrow is very popular and thousands of users on rave about it.

2. Install an electric fence. The book has a whole chapter on electric fences. I must admit that I skipped this chapter because I don’t want my dear dog, Kahuna to get sapped. People tell me that dogs are fast learners and once shocked they will never go near the fence again… let me know in the comments below if you know anyone that has had experience with this.

3. Put up fishing wire all around your garden. The fishing wire needs to be tight, so make sure to wrap it a couple of times around each fence post. Tie the wire every two feet up to a height of at least six feet. The deer will walk into the fishing wire and will not understand what is preventing it from getting near your delicious bush beans. It will look up to try to determine how high it should jump, but can’t see the top fishing wire. Since it can’t figure out how tall the fence is, it will not dare trying to jump it.

Situations where the fishing wire trick does not work:

Gardeners that have used nimble sticks like bamboo to keep the fishing wire in place have found that the deer will simply walk right through it. So make sure to use some solid posts if you are going to use this method.

Other gardeners have not had luck with this method when morning mist has coated the fishing wire and a street light or other type of exterior light i shining on it. With the water on the fishing wire and light shining on it, it becomes very evident for the deer how high to jump to clear the top line.

Some gardeners have tied white cloths and such to the fishing wire as a reminder not to walk into it while gardening. Unfortunately, this acts as an indicator for the deer about how high to jump, so it is best to avoid tying anything to the fishing wire.


After reading this book I have decided that no matter what kind of home remedies you use, a fence seems to be the best solution. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive solution, but I think it is worth it in the long run. Fences are not always the prettiest to look at, so if it doesn’t fit in with your landscaping there are a couple of other options. A lot of gardeners are using a motion sensor water canon or an electric fence to keep deer away. I will try a 6′ fence the first year and hopefully this will work.

This book was a great winter read. It is perfect for anyone that is planning a garden from scratch or someone that has had enough of the deer eating their plants and want to keep them out.

>> Click here to buy Deerproofing Your Yard & Garden on <<


The Most Popular Bamboo Pillows 2017

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Bamboo pillows are becoming more and more popular every year. If you are like me, once you have slept on one of these babies, you will be raving about it to all your friends.

The bamboo fabric has a cooling effect that keeps your head at just the right temperature overnight. So if you or your loved one suffers from ‘hot flashes’ then a bamboo pillow with memory foam is a great purchase. The shredded memory foam filling sculpts after your head and makes is a perfect pillow no matter if you are a back, stomach or side sleeper. The bamboo cover is hyper-allergenic and dust-mite resistant.

A lot of readers have contacted me and asked me which bamboo pillow to get. I can’t blame them for the confusion as there are so many different bamboo pillows available ans some are better than others.

Coop Home Goods Bamboo Pillow







My husband and I have had these for the past two years and love them. It is made to very high standards in California, USA. The shredded memory foam consists of CertiPur-US Certified Foam and does not contain any PBDEs. It is nice and fluffy and yet does not lose its shape. It is machine washable and comes with a 5 year warranty. Definitely top of the line. Check out my review of it here.

Click here to check for price and availability.


Xtreme Comforts Bamboo Pillow

The Xtreme Comforts bamboo pillow has an extra-breathable micro-vented Kool-Flow(tm) Bamboo Cover. It is made with 43% bambo (highest percentage of bamboo on this list). People that have bought this pillow are raving fans, however, there are a few that find this pillow too heavy and firm. Good thing they can return it no questions asked within 30 days. Xtreme Comforts offers a 6 year warranty on this pillow.

Click here to check for price and availability.


Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow

The bamboo pillow from Hotel Comfort is machine washable and safe to dry. It comes with a travelling case, so it is easy to bring with you on trips. The cover is made of 40% and 60 polyester and stands out from other pillows because it is removable. This pillow is cheaper than the two bamboo pillows above. It is made with high-quality materials, but is manufactured overseas instead of in the USA like the others. You can expect to get 4-6 years out of this pillow, which is not bad at all for the price.

Click here to check for price and availability.


Miracle Bamboo Pillow

The Miracle bamboo is the popular ‘As Seen on TV’-infomercial pillow. It is a heavy pillow and quite firm. It definitely does not lose its shape over time. If you enjoy sitting up in your bed and reading at night, then you will love this pillow as it gives great support. The cover is removable, which is a good thing because you might find it a challenge to fit this pillow in your washing machine.

Click here to check for price and availability.


Tips for when your receive your bamboo pillow:

Many people that buy a bamboo pillow complain that it is flat and has a strange smell upon arrival. Both things are fixed if you throw the pillow in your dryer at a low setting for a few minutes. Some people find the smell a bit too ‘plasticy’ when they first take the pillow out of the bag – just wash the pillow and you will no longer notice any smells.



Wool Dryer Balls Replace My Dryer Sheets

I had a chat with a friend of mine a few months ago about fabric softener and dryer sheets and how I would like to get away from using them. I already use eco-nuts instead of detergent, so I was looking for something to replace the dryer sheets as well. There are no laws in place that require the manufacturers to list exactly which chemicals dryer sheets contain, so since I don’t know for sure which toxins are used, I’d prefer to completely eliminate dryer sheets from our household.

A couple of weeks later the same friend brought me a gift. She had picked up some dryer balls made out of wool for me at a local market. The ones she gave me are about the size of softballs and didn’t have any scent to them. I had never come across wool dryer balls before, only the rubber or PVC ones, that I didn’t feel comfortable putting into a hot dryer. I was curious to give this hippie product a try.

Wool dryer ball features:

  • A natural fabric softener
  • Made of 100% wool
  • PVC free
  • Hyper-allergenic
  • Reduces static buildup
  • Reduces dryer time
  • Gets rid of dog fur
  • Quieter than plastic dryer balls
Wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls reduce drying time by about 25% and make my towels incredibly soft.

Reduced dryer time

I should mention that I only dry clothes in the dryer for 10-15 minutes to get the worst wrinkles and dog fur out and then I hang the clothes to dry out completely. Bedding, tablecloths and towels are the only items that get the full dryer circle. The first thing I noticed when I used the dryer balls was that the clothes dry a lot faster. It has reduced the drying time significantly (I am guessing 25%) and will save us a lot of energy. Since the dryer balls are reusable, we will also be saving a lot of money on fabric softener and dryer sheets. Not too mention less waste and less junk in the landfills.

Gets rid of dog fur

The other thing I noticed was that much more dog fur was released from the clothes and ended up in the lint trap (huge bonus!). I usually spend a lot of time ‘de-furing’ my husband’s dress shirts for his work with a lint roller, but I don’t have to do that after I have started using these dryer balls. I am sure it would do the same with cat fur as well.

Do the wool dryer balls get wet?

Some people have asked me if I leave the dryer balls out to air dry, but that is not necessary as they don’t get wet. Wool doesn’t hold water like cotton or other fibres. It’s naturally water resistant because wool consists of lanolin, which is best described as a wool wax. Lanolin is what helps sheep to shed water from their coats, so they don’t get soaking wet in the rain.

I leave my dryer balls in the dryer all the time. As I pull clothes out, I leave the dryer balls inside the machine. Sometimes it is a bit of a hunt to find them when you have larger items, such as linen, but I just give them a good shake and then the balls end up on the floor.

Wool dryer balls reduce static electricity

Something I really like about the dryer balls is that they have greatly reduced the static cling our clothes used to have. I have heard from people in other parts of the worlds (maybe humidity plays a role) that say that it was completely opposite for them; after they started using wool dryer balls, their clothes started to get static. An easy fix for this is just to throw a ball of aluminum foil into your dryer. That fixes it.

Perfect for people with allergies

If anyone in your household suffers from asthma or other allergies then it may be a good idea to quit using dryer sheets. Dryer balls do not release any toxins and soften your clothes just like any fabric softener or dryer sheet would.

Add your favorite scent

The dryer balls do not have any scent, so what I do from time to time is adding a drop of a pure essential oil to each wool dryer ball. A drop per ball is really all you need. A little goes a long way. My favorite scent by far is the lavender pure essential oil ( link). There are so many wonderful scents to pick from, so I am sure you will find your favorite, too.

Tennis balls as an alternative?

I have had people suggest that I just use tennis balls in my dryer instead. However, that is not a good option. The rubber will heat up in the hot dryer and release toxic chemicals. So I will stick to my dryer balls that are made of a natural product, namely wool.

Top tip:

When you use dryer balls make sure that the dryer is not jam packed. The clothes need to tumble and the ball need some space around them to do their job.

The wool dryer balls are non-toxic and are made of a natural product making them a perfect eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets. They reduce drying time and soften your clothes just like any fabric softener or dryer sheet would. You save a lot of money over time by using dryer balls because you will use less energy to dry your clothes and will never have to buy dryer sheets again.

>> Shop for wool dryer balls on <<


If you would like to make your own wool dryer balls instead of buying them, here is a video tutorial:

Rosemary, Lemon and Garlic Flavored Salt

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It all started one day when I spent a few extra minutes at the supermarket and checked out the gourmet section. All sorts of nice products started to appear before my eyes. Infused oils, fancy seasoning mixes and flavored salts. I was like a kid in a candy store. I wondered why had I never stopped before to check out all these delicious sauces and oils and soon found out.  I reached for a lime and chile flavored salt and almost dropped the jar on the floor when I saw the price. Granted, a well-known chef was depicted on the label but c’mon… $18.99 for salt?

I picked up some kosher salt and decided to go home and make my own flavored salt for a fraction of the price. I don’t mind help building up the celebrity chefs empires when it is a great product, but I am not willing to buy something that is overpriced just because they have endorsed it.

After a bit of experimenting, here is my favorite flavored salt recipe:


I use a mini food processor, but a spice grinder works great as well.

Rosemary, Garlic and Lemon Salt Recipe

Note: feel free to adjust the recipe as you please. So… if you go gaga for garlic then double the amount and so on.

  • 1/4 cup fresh rosemary (not the wooden part)
  • Zest from 1 organic lemon (I use this peeler as it only peels the yellow part off and not the bitter white part)
  • 6 gloves garlic
  • 2 cups kosher salt

Put the ingredients in a food processor and pulse until everything is blended together. Heads up – if you are using a processor with a clear plastic bowl, the salt can scratch the inside of the bowl. Not a big deal for me, but it if is for you, you may want to get a spice grinder instead.

Place everything on a cookie sheet that is covered with parchment paper. Note, the parchment paper or a silicone mat is very important. The first time I made flavored salt I didn’t bother with any parchment paper and the salt pretty much melted into the cookie sheet. It was not a lot of fun to cleanup, so learn from my mistake and use parchment paper.


After 20 minutes in the oven give the salt mixture a stir and put it back for another 20 minutes at 200 F.


Put the cookie sheet in a 200 F oven for 20 minutes. Stir the salt and give it another 20 minutes in the oven. Take the salt out of the oven, let it cool down and then give it another few pulses in the food processor. If you plan to put the salt in glass jars, make sure to pulse the mixture until it is fine enough so you can sprinkle it through the holes in the top of your glass jar.

This is a jar that I have used for my flavored salts as a hostess gift and people have loved it!

Transfer your flavored salt to your glass jar and slap a fun label on it. I have given dozens of this particular salt away to friends and neighbors at Christmas and they love it! I chose a nicer jar for hostess gifts than the regular glass jar and people loved them! A few people have already asked for more already, so this post will be shared with them, so they can make their own flavored salt.