TaoTronics TT-GL20 LED Grow Light Bulb

The TaoTronics Hydroponic TT-GL20 LED light bulb is ideal for anyone that enjoys growing plants indoors but do not have the sufficient day light to do so.


Taotronics TT-GL20 light bulb

Give your indoor herbs and plans a boost with the Taotronics light bulb.

Whether you live in an apartment or want to winter grow in your basement then using grow lights will greatly improve the results of your crop. The beauty of LED grow lights is that they do not get hot and they do not use a lot of electricity. They also have a long lifespan (more than 50,000 hours), so you don’t have to replace them that frequently.

It is a very environmentally friendly way of ensuring that your plants get the proper amount of light. There are many options grow lights available for individual plants, but if you want to get the most bang for your buck then you should buy the TaoTronics TT-GL20 LED light bulbs.

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TaoTronics TT-GL20 Product Specifications:

Output: 12 W

Input voltage: AC85~264V

Input current: 300mA

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Works in temperatures: -20-40C

Lifespan: More than 50,000 Hours

Light Bulb Size: Diameter: 4.84″, Height: 5.44″

Package size: 4.92″ x 4.92″ x 5.99″

Gross Weight: 0.37kg

Fits standard E27 fittings

CE & RoHS approved

12 LEDs – three blue (460nm) and nine red (6×620-630nm and 3x660nm)

TaoTronics TT-GL20 LED Product review by Amazon customer:


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Floodlight fixture

The bulb is well made and can be screwed into a regular hanging light fixture. Amazon has some great options for light fixtures with a standard E27 socket that the hydroponic light bulb will fit into. It is recommended that you use a hanging light fixture such as the Woods Lamp with 6-foot cord to give your plants an even amount of light from above. If the space does not allow a hanging light fixture then another great solution is to use a Boston Harbor Desk Lamp.

Does not generate heat

The light does not generate heat, so you can place it very close to your lights. Even if you forget to raise the light as your plants grow, they will not get burnt by the LED light bulb. The light is extremely light and bright but because it is LED it hardly uses any electricity. Most users leave the light on for 8-10 hours a day without heating up the light or the surrounding area.

Growing seedlings

The TaoTronics hydroponic light will help your seeds to sprout a lot faster. A lot of gardeners use this light in a combination with the Hydrofarm Seedling Mat for maximum germination results.


The TaoTronics bulb is great for a single plant, but despite what it looks like in the picture, it will not be sufficient for several plants and does not cover more than a couple of s.f. if you place the light 1′ above the plant. It is a great product but it will not be able to provide enough light for a whole basement room full of herbs. Many users ending up buying more than a single light bulb after they realize how effective they are. If two square feet of light is not enough, then the Erligpowht 45W LED Red Blue Hanging Light is a better option for you as it can at least cover and area of two by three feet.


Whether you are growing tomatoes, basil or arugula, the TaoTronics LED light will help boost the growth of your plants. The bulb is also ideal for plants that do not like the short days in the winter. The red and blue color spectrum from the bulb puts your plant in a pink hue that results in strong, vibrant dark green leaves and exponential growth. The pink light may look at bit funny at first, but it really does the trick to give your plants the light they need.

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Frostfire Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar LED Light

Solar powered LED light

The Frostfire 16 LED light does not require batteries or electrical wiring – only sun light to charge the built-in lithium battery.

The Frostfire 16 LED light does not require any batteries and is wireless – all it needs is sun light to charge the built-in battery. The Frostfire has a dim LED light that comes on at sunset and stays on until sunrise. The light stores the charge from a small built-in solar panel with a 3.7 volt 800mAh Lithium ion battery inside the light. If the light senses motion the light gets even brighter and stays like that for a few minutes.

The solar-powered light does not require batteries and no electrical wiring is needed when you install the light. It is a great light for locations around the exterior of your house where you need extra lighting for security and safety reasons. Ideal locations are above steps to porches, right where your car is parked overnight and right by your garbage cans. It is always helpful to have extra lighting at night in these locations.

Frostfire LED light product details:

Dimensions: 4.75″ long x 3.5″ wide x 2.75″ high

Wireless and no batteries needed

Solar panel life span: 5 years

LED Life Span: 50,000 hours

Solar LED kits includes: one solar light, activation pin, two screws and wall plugs.

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Easy installation

Remove the film on the solar part in order for the light to work. The kit comes with two screws and anchors and is very easy to mount. The light kit comes with a small pin that you need to stick into a small hole on the light housing. Simply push the pin into the hole and then you will hear a small click, which will activate the light. Move the on/off switch to the ON-position and you are all set. Let the light charge in the sun all day and then it should come on automatically when the sun sets.

Bright motion sensor light

The light gets brighter if someone gets with a few feet of the light. You can expect the light to get brighter when you are within 1o feet of its sensor. In some instances the light does activate by large trees, but for the most part that is only on very windy nights.

Also worth noting is that is does pick up the movement of a dog, so it is a great light if you would like some extra lighting in your backyard for your puppy. Once activated, the light stays on for a few minutes until it no longer senses any motion.

What a lot of dog owners like to do is install the LED light right by their porch door. When their dog comes up to the door after having been outside for a while, the motion light with get bright and the dog owner will see that their dog is by the door and wants to come inside.

Frostfire light’s range

Each light covers a 4′ wide- 6′ long area, so make sure to order a few lights if you have a long walkway down the side of a house. It is recommended to place the light close to each other, so the lighting from each fixture will overlap and there with be no dark areas.

Tips for optimal use

– Make sure to clean the solar charger for snow and dust to make sure the light recharges optimally.

– If you for any reason need to reset the light and have lost the little pin that comes with the light then just use a paperclip that you have pulled open.


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Mr. Beams Motion Sensor LED Lights

Do you need bright outdoor motion sensor LED lights to help you find your way at night? Consider the Mr. Beams battery powered light for extra security around your home.

Mr. Beams battery powered LED light

This bright motion sensor LED light makes it safer to find your way in the dark.

The bright Mr. Beams LED light is a battery operated motion sensor with 140 lumens LED. Since no wiring is needed you will find that the weather resistant LED light is easy to install just about anywhere outside your house. The light is ideal for a carport or a back porch where you need a spotlight. The motion sensor light is worth every penny in situations where you have your hands full and can’t flick a switch on.

Where would you put it?

A lot of people install motion sensor lights in car ports to scare any potential thieves away. It is a worthwhile investment to make you feel safer in your home. Most people also appreciate having a light where they park their car when they carry their groceries into their home. Many people get a second light for their back porch as it is so handy with a light that automatically comes on when you carry your garbage out at night or let your pet in or out.

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These lights are also very popular to use inside the home, such as in dark stairwells and in closets. The light switches off 30 seconds after the sensor detects the last movement. It is a great alternative to spend money on having an electrician wire in addition lighting. The spotlight is very bright and will illuminate any dark area and makes it safer for you to get around.

Placement of the light

You can mount the LED light on a horizontal or vertical surface – as long you can drill a screw into it. Two wood screws come with the light and it really only takes a few minutes to get the light installed. One thing to be mindful of if you do mount it on a ceiling is that the factory mount will not let you point the light straight down. The best way to get around that is to place an angled wooden wedge in between the mount and the ceiling.

Excellent Range

The motion sensor range all depends on which angle you set the light at. For the most part the light will go on when you are within 20 – 30 ft. and covers an area of about 400 square ft.

How long does the light stay on?

Once activated the light stays on for 30 seconds and then switches off it it does not sense more movement. The light has a built in photocell. This means that the LED light only comes on at night, so if you walk by it during the day it will not come on. This greatly extends the life of the batteries. The light does not have an on/off switch and only when it detects movement and the photocell senses that it is dark. Larger animals like your cat or dog will activate the light. This way you know that your pet is waiting for you to let it in at the back door.


The LED light takes 3 D cell Alkaline batteries. The light does not come with batteries, so make sure to buy batteries when you buy the light. The batteries can last for over a year without you having to replace them but of course that depends on how often the light is on. The manufacturer states that you can get over 1,800 activations with one set of batteries. When it comes time to change the batteries all you have to do is twist the front off. You do not have to detach the light from the wall at all to change the batteries.

LED bulb

The colour of the LED bulb is neutral white and it provides 140 lumens. The bulb voltage is 4.5 volts. You can expect to get 50,000 hours out of the LED bulb, so you do not have to ever worry about changing that.


The MB360 wireless lights from Mr. Beams are great outdoor LED spotlights. They are easy to install because they do not need any wiring – which means you do not need an electrician. They are a great addition to any home for security purposes and makes it safer for you to find your way in the darkness.


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Cree 60W Warm White Dimmable LED Light Bulb

Cree 60W LED Light BulbThe 60W Warm White Dimmable LED Light Bulb from Cree looks like a regular incandescent light bulb, however, is everything but. This LED light bulb can last for 23 years or 25,000 hours when used 3 hours a day. Not bad for a $19 light bulb, is it?

The LED bulb instantly gives a bright, warm glow and casts an even light in all directions while showing the true color of objects.


The LED has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 81 out of 100 which is typical for most LEDs.

Product Features

  • Brightness: 800 lumens
  • Life Hours: 22.8 years (based on 3 hours/day)
  • Dimmable
  • A19 Bulb shape with a medium base
  • Light Appearance: 2700K (warm soft white)
  • Lights instantly, omni-directional
  • 10-year warranty

The light is dimmable, but not to an extremely low point.  This is not typically an issue in a home, however, this would not be the best bulb for you to buy if you need a replacement bulb for a baby’s room because this LED does now dim that low.

The Cree LED light bulb only uses 9.5 watts of energy.  Compared to an incandescent light bulb, the Cree will pay for itself in under two years and save the household $150 in energy over its life. $150 may not sound like a lot, but if you count how many lights you have in your home and multiply it with 150, the savings really add up if you replaced all incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving Cree LEDs.